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What is this A.O.D.A. all about?

When building or renovating your washroom or locker room, it is imperative that you comply with the applicable building code in your area. In Ontario, the applicable provincial requirements are contained in the 2012 Building Code.

In January, 2015, amendments to the Building Code came into effect in the province of Ontario. These amendments were designed to enhance accessibility in newly constructed buildings and existing buildings that are to be extensively renovated. These accessibility standards were developed by the provincial government under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("A.O.D.A.").

The new A.O.D.A. standards may impact your project. Examples include the requirements for a barrier-free path of travel, turning space, doorways widths, grab bars, counter heights and signage. There are also requirements relating to barrier-free showers and bathtubs. In addition, the Building Code impacts mounting heights and location requirements for hand dryers and washroom accessories. These requirements can be difficult to navigate, so we recommend you consult qualified experts to ensure compliance.

On our website, you will see our  logo. We have used this to help you identify some items that we sell which may assist you in complying with A.O.D.A. requirements. While it is ultimately the building owner's responsibility to work with their consultants to ensure compliance, we are always available to assist you in recommending products to help you achieve compliance.